Discovering Family History

Ancestral Village in France

Have you ever wanted to know about your family history?  Where your ancestors lived, occupations or events that may have taken place during their lives?  If so, perhaps we can help you recapture the past.

Paul Godin, long-time Foxborough resident and member of the Foxborough Historical Society, says, “I’d like to share my experiences with you at our April meeting and take you on a journey to discover family history.”

“Once you get started, genealogy can be a motivating and satisfying hobby.  It is almost impossible to let it go.  Some people even find that they are related to well-known people.”
“There are many resources which are available now that were not forty years ago,” Godin reports. “If I knew in the elementary grades what I know now about certain events and ancestors, history would have meant much more to me as a student.”
“By the way, my name is Paul Godin, a.k.a. Chatillon, Beauséjour, Bellefontaine and Gaudin, all names that appear in my family history.”
So come spend some time with us at the next Foxborough Historical Society meeting which will be on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room (first floor) of the Boyden Library at the corner of Bird and Baker Streets in Foxboro center.
There is parking under the library, around the common and on nearby streets.  Do not park in the Aubuchon lot.
Those interested in joining the Foxborough Historical Society should ask for an application form at the meeting.  The annual fee is $8 for individuals, $10 for families.  For further information, call Patrick Lyons at 508-543-3728, or email [email protected].