“Clutter: Why do we buy so much?”

The evolution of marketing – and its influence on our buying behavior. The November meeting of the Foxborough Historical Society features member Dave Downs looking at the root causes of clutter in our lives. In an earlier program Dave focused on the consequences of clutter – and how clutter takes over our lives.

We rationalize:  “We might need it someday; it’s historically significant; we inherited the object from a loved one; it just needs a little repair… and so on.”  These are just a few reasons why we find it so hard to let go of our STUFF.

At the November meeting Dave will focus on where all that clutter comes from in the first place and why we allow it to enter our lives. He will talk about several additional BIG reasons why Americans have so much “stuff.” In this new program, the emphasis is on stopping the flow of stuff entering our homes! “We can’t resist bargains, sales, yard sales; we receive gifts we don’t really want.”

We are consuming twice as much as we did just forty years ago!

Americans spend four times as much time shopping as Western Europeans!

Dave’s purpose is to motivate the audience to acquire less, and therefore to be less burdened. Participants will learn how advertisers use techniques such as developing shopping habits, planned obsolescence, slogans, and the use of credit to motivate people to purchase ever more. He will use humor and amusing stories from his own experience to engage and inform the audience.We will be challenged to finish jingles and slogans, many of them decades old, to demonstrate the power subconscious advertising has over our actions.

“Don’t squeeze the ……”

“See the USA in your …….”

“What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?”

The audience will leave the presentation recognizing why they acquire certain items.  They (we) will hopefully reverse the tendency to bury ourselves in “treasures!”

The meeting will take place Tuesday evening, Nov. 24 at 7:30 pm at the Boyden Library in Foxboro center, first floor meeting room.  Use the Baker Street entrance.

Parking is available at the library, on nearby streets and around the Common.  Do not park in the Aubuchon lot. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Those interested in joining the Foxboro Historical Society should ask for an application form at the meeting.  The annual fee is $8 for individuals, $10 for families.

We hope to see you there!!